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case-studyAn agent is someone who produces an effect; an instrument by which a guiding intelligence achieves a result. The CHANGE AGENT’s extensive research and customization produce results. Patti Hathaway interviews your people to gain insider (intelligence) information which guides her in customizing the program content to meet your specific concerns.

Perspective is the capacity to view things in their true relative importance. When you’re so close to the situation, it is hard to have perspective. The CHANGE AGENT has worked with thousands of people across the United States. This provides us with an outside perspective that is credible and powerful. When we blend our outside perspective with your specific issues, the results speak for themselves.

The following real cases demonstrate the results and recommendations of The CHANGE AGENT.

You have a wonderful ability to teach with encouragement and humor and there is an impressive amount of thought-provoking material in your presentation. When I have you as a speaker, I never have to worry about the quality of your program or delivery – it is a joy to work with you.

Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine

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Patti guarantees your satisfaction or your money will be happily returned! She has built her business solely on repeat and referral business therefore she invests 100% of her time and energy to delivering outstanding, highly customized programs.

As a result, Patti’s valued clients, suppliers, and friends refer their family, friends and work associates to her for her services. Patti is interested in building strong life long partnerships one client at a time.