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Benefits of Hiring Patti

Dear Colleague,

I want to partner with you to create a program and/or training that will really engage and change the minds AND hearts of your group. People will only change their behavior if they are emotionally compelled to. My ability to customize a program that speaks to the issues gripping their minds and hearts produces results.

Here’s how your people will benefit from my 3-step approach:

  1. About-Patti-Elephant-in-RoomI have an honest conversation WITH people, rather than talking AT them. And I don’t shy away from the “elephants” in the room.  When I use your data, comments, or customer letters – no one argues with their own data. This customization changes their perspective.  I also share personal stories that connect because most people want a “real” speaker who understands their struggles.
  2. Reframe how they think – the ability to adjust to nonstop change is the most important professional and personal skill you can develop… no matter who you are.
  3. About-Patti-Tool-BoxIt’s all about choices and personal accountability. The tools I provide are practical, relevant, and inspiring. No philosophy or theory here – just strategies that people can use to take action and be transformed for their own good, as well as benefitting your organization (or customers).


WebsurveyDepending on the topic, I use web surveys and customer feedback to tackle your organization’s toughest messages with a straightforward, compelling approach. Let me join you to address your all-employee meeting, conduct on-going training, work with your leadership team, or present to an association you are involved in. Together, we can make a difference in people’s lives.

We build our business solely on repeat and referral business therefore we invest 100% of our time and energy to delivering outstanding, highly customized programs. As a result, our valued clients, suppliers, and friends refer their family, friends and work associates to us for our services. I am personally interested in building strong life long partnerships one client at a time.

Please contact me. Let’s discuss how I can connect with you and your group to create lasting results.


Patti Hathaway, M.Ed., CSP


Customized for Your Needs


Patti tailored the program to our organization and was both direct and insightful. Patti Hathaway is an excellent speaker. Most frequent participant comments included: “the presenter knew our situation and had great tips on how to improve…” “Really made me take a good look at myself and my attitude toward the merger.


What a terrific presentation! Your motivational presentation was the BEST…our employees (all 200) are thanking me for bringing you in to talk with them…your presentation has really made a difference here!”

Fabulous job in customizing your training for our specific needs. We have never had an external speaker receive such high ratings from all 600+ employees and managers. Your practical skills spiced with humor and a jolt of reality from our customers’ perspective will reap a positive bottom-line impact for our bank.”


Flexible – Memorable


Patti, you are a consummate professional and one I look forward to working with in the future. You were selected after previewing 12 other national speakers because of your humorous style and ability to motivate and inspire your audience. Our people said: “the best speaker we have ever heard on customer service” and “an educational piece camouflaged by comedy”.


Being at the end of a conference is a challenge of its own…You were so entertaining, so engaging, and so thought-provoking that the group, instead of fading, was highly charged and connected. You are clearly one of the best speakers I have seen.”


Thank you for a wonderful presentation yesterday. People were impressed with your unique style of communicating with props – it was fun and to the point. Your easy style made the presentation comfortable and your courage in sharing personal stories reveals you as a real person. Thank you for a much needed and appreciated experience.


What is Your Presentation Style Like?




Most participants describe Patti’s training as high energy, humorous, hard-hitting, relevant, and practical. She packs her training with a ton of content based on your web survey feedback (change) and/or customer data and letters (customer loyalty). Most of Patti’s clients make this training program mandatory so therefore she often doesn’t have a willing and necessarily highly interested audience for the sheer fact that they “must” attend this training. However, Patti rarely gets any negative evaluations. She has trained anywhere from 300 – 13,000 employees and managers for a single client and she gets consistently excellent ratings and exceptionally positive feedback even from her most reluctant participants. It is why Patti has 97% repeat client base (the other 3% comes from speaking bureaus).

propsAren’t props silly? Absolutely, but aren’t you tired of boring? Patti’s programs are fun! Research proves that people learn and retain more when they are having fun. She has won over physicians, accountants, lawyers, bankers, and steel workers alike. Even company presidents enjoy Patti’s humor because she gets results!

How does she get results? Patti’s training is memorable and highly retainable. She teaches secret signals and phrases that pay. Although the signals and phrases may be a bit “hokey,” people remember and repeat these signals and phrases months and years after the program. Most programs will be forgotten a couple of weeks after the program is over. Patti ingrains the concepts into their memory and it transforms people’s behavior for years. As a result, you will have continued ROI for years after the training has been delivered.

I have had the privilege to hire you three times and as always I think you are truly “one in a million”. There is never a dull moment during your programs, nor had there ever been a negative comment in regards to your presentation. I look forward to working with you again…

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