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Thank you for considering Patti for your next meeting or training needs!

Dear Colleague,

I know that planning and coordinating an exciting and productive event for your organization takes time and effort. My goal is to be the easiest speaker you will ever work with and to bring the excitement that your event needs. I promise that I will be quick to respond to your requests and I am ready to help you!

I love to meet people who want to talk more about my presentation. Some people want to share their story, or they need a little coaching, or just want a hug. I am usually the last one to leave the room unless my travel demands that I leave.

During on-going training sessions, I welcome the opportunity to meet with your managers and leaders during my lunch break. The opportunity to answer their questions and coach them through difficult situations with their employees is an honor and joy because they will the people who need to go back and reinforce my message on a daily basis. It also allows me to get to know your organization better.

For conferences or association meetings, schedule permitting, I’ll attend earlier sessions, arrive in time to meet with you (text and let you know when I’ve arrived), and take photos, and I will interlace your theme into my message. If possible, I always “meet and greet” with participants before my message.

I look forward to learning how I can best serve you with a program that will meet your needs and exceed your expecations,

Patti Hathaway, M.Ed., CSP



PRE-EVENT research includes, based upon your needs:

Patti will read all materials you send her in order to better understand your organization’s background, challenges and needs, and victories. Please tell her the good, bad, and ugly – because the more she knows about your organization, the better targeted her message will be.



She usually develops a customized web survey to get feedback regarding the topic Patti will be presenting on. See the customization process under “Services (Keynote or Training)” page to learn more about how she does this or ask – Patti is delighted to share as many details as you would like.




If Patti uses a web survey, you can have a copy of the data. As a value-added bonus, she would be happy to meet (if local) or conference call with your leadership team to discuss any notable comments or concerns she gathered from her research and make recommendations for future programs. She is happy to recommend other professional speakers for your programming needs.

Patti provides free articles for use in your newsletter (before or after your event) or they can be sent directly to participants.

For leadership training, she offers a free bi-weekly “Managers Motivational Midweek Moment” series for six months (12 emails total) that Patti wrote to reinforce and encourage managers to apply what they learned in her workshop.


Introduction: Patti will provide you with a fully customized introduction before her program.

Handouts: Once finalized, depending upon the program, a master handout will be provided for the meeting planner to duplicate. We are also happy to copy the handouts for you at our cost.

Other materials: Patti has had great success with sponsors purchasing a custom Untying the ‘Nots’ of Nonstop Change book for association and corporate clients. She has many great learning resources and special prices she can offer you. Please ask her for more details.

Lodging: If an overnight stay is required, please arrange a non-smoking room.

Pre Program Survey

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Patti guarantees your satisfaction or your money will be happily returned! She has built her business solely on repeat and referral business therefore she invests 100% of her time and energy to delivering outstanding, highly customized programs.

As a result, Patti’s valued clients, suppliers, and friends refer their family, friends and work associates to her for her services. Patti is interested in building strong life long partnerships one client at a time.

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