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Feedback Skills for Leaders: Building Constructive Communication Skills Up and Down the Ladder


cover-feedback-skillsStrengthen your professional and personal relationships, feel less stressed, and learn how to work through daily conflict situations using straight-forward feedback skills. Criticism is one thing most people think is more blessed to give than to receive. In a recent survey, 48% of the 7,800 people who responded said they suffer from a lack of feedback on their performance and 69% who felt they weren’t receiving feedback are thinking of looking for another job. Exercises and case studies are included to help participants explore how they give and receive positive and negative feedback. Participants will learn how to improve their interpersonal effectiveness by using step-by-step techniques designed to make feedback work for them rather than against them. The book has sold over 90,000 copies and has been translated into 5 languages.

Feedback Skills for Leaders – Book


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Managing Upward: A Partnership Plan for Bosses and Employees

cover-Managing-UpwardGain enlightening, career-building knowledge and the skills which will give you the winning edge when working with your manager. Build respect and understanding up and down your organization’s ladder. This book will provide tips on how to develop a positive working relationship with those above and around you in your organization. The benefits of creating working partnerships include: increased productivity, better working arrangements, fewer misunderstandings, and increased job enjoyment. This book has been translated into two languages.

Managing Upward – Book

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smile-on-a-stickOther people will reflect your attitude – do you need a smile? When stress levels are high and you need a smile – you can have one now! Just put one of these full-color laughter-reducing smiles in front of you and you and those around you will get a great big smile on your face. They make a great gift for co-workers, employees, and customers. Patti really enjoys using hers in the car. Order one for everyone for your next big customer service event or to help you deal with the stress of change or being a leader!
We have multi-cultural (brown) smiles available on request. You will be sent a white smile(s) unless you request otherwise.

1 Smile-on-a-Stick
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10 Smiles-on-a-Stick
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100 Smiles-on-a-Stick
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