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Communication Skills Training

All of Patti’s programs are customized for your specific needs. She utilizes web surveys, employee opinion survey data, and other data that will help her deliver a program that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Powerful Interpersonal Communication Skills*

(1 hour – full day)

* Patti has a wide-range of topics she can cover to meet your specific needs. As an author of two books on interpersonal communication skills and a dynamic trainer, Patti will work with you to develop a program that will address your needs.

cover-Managing-Upward cover-feedback-skillsCommunicating…it’s one of the most critical skills in organizations today. Anyone who masters the art of communicating effectively wields the power to get things done — and gets noticed. And that can lead to personal and professional success. This dynamic workshop will help you to develop your communication skills — listening as well as speaking, verbal as well as non-verbal. You’ll learn to capitalize on your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. You’ll learn to fine-tune your communication skills and use them to your best advantage. Learning how to communicate and work effectively with others is the objective of this program. You’ll learn the effective interpersonal skills necessary to let people know their thoughts and feelings are important to you. You’ll be able to build a climate of trust and cooperation in which people will be happy to work with you and for you.

I cannot begin to tell you the difference you have made on our campus. Because of your unique ability to understand our needs and customize your content, here are some comments from some of the 500 staff members who attended your programs: “Patti puts herself at risk to make vital points.” “Your enlightening seminar helped motivate me.” “Topic was presented with zest and zeal – very refreshing.” “I left with lots of energy and new ideas!

For Educators (K-12)

For Staff:

From Chaos to Clarity: Proven Approaches to Classroom Management that Will Dramatically Increase your Confidence and Calmness

This is a motivating and entertaining session with an emphasis on how to calm your classroom and hallways. Research proves that when students know you value them as a human being rather than as just another student; they will challenge you less and work harder for you. Patti, a certified National Time to Teach Trainer, believes that your words are incredibly powerful and she will teach you how to use them to improve your outlook as a teacher and positively affect your students’ attitude and academics. Discover research-based, proven, practical strategies and tools that will lift your morale and greatly improve your job satisfaction. You will learn:

  • how to avoid power struggles in the classroom which results in more instruction time
  • how to handle challenging student behavior that can be implemented immediately
  • how to teach-to expected classroom behavior

Untying the ‘Nots’ of Nonstop Change Before You’re Fit to be Tied

cover-KnotsOfChangeMost schools tell their staff that “change is good,” yet your staff aren’t buying it. With common core, standardized test pressure, high teacher turnover, and lack of family and community support, educators’ stress levels are at an all time high.

According to recent Gallup research, 69% of K-12 teachers are not engaged in their work. In fact, teachers are dead last among ALL professions saying their opinions count at work and their supervisors create an open and trusting environment. Most change initiatives fail and it can be linked back to staff resistance. Learn why change is so difficult. Gain strategies for what you can do to lessen the pain and stress that work change causes. We all know that the pace of change is unrelenting, so come and discover specific solutions for how to deal with work changes so you can untie the knots of confusion before you become fit to be tied.

For Administrators:

Engaging Teachers and Creating a Motivating Culture

cover-EmployeesGreatnessWorkbookAccording to recent Gallup research, 69% of K-12 teachers are not engaged in their work. In fact, teachers are dead last among ALL professions saying their opinions count at work and their supervisors create an open and trusting environment. The bottom-line: teacher engagement is the most important driver of student engagement. Boosting teacher workplace engagement is absolutely critical to improving student engagement. Discover the keys to engaging your staff from the author of Secrets to Unleashing Employee Greatness: The Step-by-Step System to Maximize Every Employee’s Performance.


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