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Customer Loyalty Training

All of Patti’s programs are customized for your specific needs. She utilizes web surveys, employee opinion survey data, customer feedback and letters, and other data that will help her deliver a program that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Developing Customer Loyalty for Life


Customer satisfaction isn’t worth much, customer loyalty is priceless. Learning how to create customer loyalty is the objective of this program. You’ll learn how to handle difficult customer situations, complaints, and criticism. You’ll learn the effective interpersonal skills necessary to let customers know their thoughts and feelings are important to you. You’ll be able to build a climate of trust and cooperation in which people will want to do business with you and refer others to your organization. Dealing with customers can be very stressful so you will learn practical techniques for how to manage your stress proactively so that you can enjoy work more and be more productive. Patti Hathaway, CSP, a dynamic trainer and author of five books on customer service, interpersonal communication skills and change will be the presenter.

Potential Topics:

  • Defining Customer Loyalty – What it Looks Like and How Customers Experience It (using your customer examples)
  •  Principles of Customer Service Success
  • You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a Great First Impression. How to Build Rapport and Referrals.
  • Your Customer’s Complaint is a Gift: How To Handle Complaints


As a result of attending this program, participants will:

  • understand how to establish productive relationships and work effectively with customers and other employees in order to build customer loyalty;
  • apply the techniques for handling complaints and criticism;
  • discover a non-verbal communication strategy to establish a conducive climate for interactions with customers so they will want to do business with you;
  • learn practical techniques for how to manage your daily customer service stress.


Patti’s customized training for 11 regions of Fifth Third Bank delivered bottom-line results:


As a result of your work with us, we have made a steadfast commitment to make superior customer service a competitive advantage for our bank. And to date, the results of your program have been remarkable:

  • Customer complaint letters have declined 90%;
  • Customer compliment letters have increased nearly 50%;
  • Regulatory complaints are at an all-time low for our region.

We could not have done this without you. I cannot tell you how many people have thanked our executives for bringing this program to Western Michigan. That is amazing considering that this program was “mandatory attendance” – our staff’s excitement about the program is truly a reflection of your talent and ability to hold the attention of a “captive” audience!


Almost 400 employees and managers attended your program and they were almost unanimous in their positive feedback and appreciation of having acquired practical skills that help them relate more effectively to their patients and co-workers. Your use of patient surveys, data and letters to identify our shortcomings and provide us with practical, customized strategies was extremely effective. You demonstrated a remarkable ability to change employees’ thoughts and behaviors in 4 short hours!


Recommended Follow-Up and Stand-Alone Customer Service Program for Health Care audiences: Enrich Your Job and Boost HCAHPS Scores eLearning


Patti Hathaway’s Enrich Your Job and Boost HCAHPS Scores is a three-minute-a-day program for long-term improvement of patient experience and HCAHPS scores. Its 30 inspiring lessons provide every team member—from the President to medical doctors to the facility staff—with HCAHPS-centered training to watch and use.

In this program, here’s what your staff will learn:

  • What real-life patients want most from healthcare workers
  • Empowering techniques for improving safety and care
  • Best practices for improving teamwork and communication
  • Facts and practices that can enhance job satisfaction and boost personal wellbeing

Every day, your staff will learn one new action step that addresses at least two specific HCAHPS scoring questions, because this program is solidly built on evidence-based medical research. The research resources and a bonus team huddle question will be provided in the Research & Team Resources pdf for each lesson. Just as importantly, the program will help every user enrich their job and experience more personal satisfaction. Healthcare organizations (hospitals) who have all their staff do this program at the same time are likely see significant synergy and conversations develop around each lesson.

This link will provide access to the first 3 lessons of my 30 lessons.

Please contact me to discuss our exceptionally affordable healthcare program offerings – you will be amazed at the price and outcome-based results your organization will experience.

Leading a Loyalty-Creating Customer Service Culture

Passion for exceptional customer service begins with the leadership team. You may recognize your own reaction to complaints and criticism as you listen to this 5.50 minute audio excerpt entitled “Typical Reactions to Complaints and Criticism”.


Gain skills in handling customer complaints. Discover why you get yourself in trouble if you “assume” your customer has certain knowledge (hear as Patti explains “The Problem with Information Assumption” in this 5.46 minute audio excerpt).


Gain enlightening strategies which will increase employee satisfaction and retention which can result in improving your customer loyalty. Profit from new synergy and enthusiasm by practicing techniques which will help your leadership team develop a high performance customer-service culture. (Offered as a keynote or training)

Here’s what some of Patti’s clients have to say about her programs on customer loyalty:

You were selected after previewing 12 other national speakers because of your humorous style and ability to motivate and inspire your audience. Nationwiders were not disappointed. Participants said that you were “the best speaker we have heard on customer service…an educational piece camouflaged by comedy”. You are a consummate professional!

Thank you for the fabulous job you have done in customizing your training for our specific needs at Fifth Third Bank. We have never had an external speaker receive such high ratings from all 600+ employees and managers. We are confident that your practical skills spiced with humor and a jolt of reality from our customers’ perspective will reap a positive bottom-line impact for our bank.

Your unique perspective and strong passion for customer loyalty is extremely motivating. The evaluations from the 1,086 employees who attended have been excellent.

The Customization Process to Deliver Customer Loyalty Programs that Impact the Bottom-Line:

This is how we work with clients to custom-design a program to meet your specific needs and incorporate your customer service research. Listen how the process works in this audio segment on “Patti’s Unique Approach to Customer Service” (7.40 minutes)

The Steps Patti Takes to
Customize Your Customer Loyalty Program
Step 1) If available, Patti will review your company’s customer service research. She also reads the last 12-24 months of positive and negative customer letters. From this research, Patti designs the program content and uses your customer feedback to address your specific needs. This customer perspective is critical in helping your employees understand the impact of their actions with your customers.
Step 2) A complete review of your company’s literature (annual report, internal and external newsletters, web site, etc.) helps Patti understand your culture.
The End Result: A program custom-designed to meet your specific needs and concerns.
Additional Customer Service Consulting Projects: Based on your needs and budget, we can consult with you to help you enhance your culture to be more customer service focused. Consulting projects may include: (1) developing a reward and recognition program; (2) changes to your performance appraisal system to incorporate customer service elements; and (3) designing a continuity program for continued learning and development. These services help instill a truly impactful customer service culture change.


Training Services: Change Management | Customer Loyalty | Leadership | Communication Skills

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