dispatch-rudolphAll of Patti’s programs are customized for your specific needs. She utilizes web surveys, employee opinion survey data, customer feedback, and other data that will help her deliver a program that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

We received great response from the 1000 associates who attended your Customer Loyalty training. The training was informative, interactive, customized, and valued. The time you spend learning about our company was evident and appreciated and made for a thoughtful and wonderful program.


Untying the ‘Nots’ of Nonstop Change Before You’re Fit to be Tied

(45-120 minutes)




cover-KnotsOfChangeMost organizations tell their employees that “change is good,” yet people aren’t buying it. Our stress levels are at an all time high. According to a recent survey 71% of us feel used up at the end of the day. The typical office worker sends and receives an astounding 190 messages on average per day. According to senior executives in Fortune 500 companies, less than half of the changes in their organizations were successful and yet 84% of companies are undergoing at least one major change initiative. Executives attribute these failures to employee resistance. Learn why change is so difficult. Gain strategies for what you can do to lessen the pain and stress that work change causes. We all know that the pace of change is unrelenting, come and discover specific, give-me-solutions for how to deal with work changes so you can untie the knots of confusion before you become fit to be tied. Based on Patti’s book, Untying the ‘Nots’ of Nonstop Change Before You’re Fit to be Tied.

If you have an audience of managers, Patti can focus her comments towards change leadership in her program: MISSION POSSIBLE: Mastering the Leadership Challenge of Change

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Your program was excellent! The participants evaluated your presentation style with all perfect scores. The information was practical and immediately applicable. I have taught change management and yet I can say I feel I double the amount of practical information that I learned.


The Power of Positivity

(30-90 minutes)

Why do leading-edge organizations care about positive emotion in the workplace? Simply put, because positive energy can increase employee productivity, help retain top performers, and improve customer satisfaction. Gallup’s research shows that by building recognition and positive emotion, organizations can increase employee and organizational engagement and boost bottom-line performance outcomes. Discover an approach to work and life that will transform your briefest interactions into moments to promote positive emotion in your life — and with those you meet along life’s way. Discover practical strategies for increasing positivity in your life. Get ready to be energized and leave inspired that you can make a difference.

You have been consistently one of our highest rated presenters for 25 years. We can always count on excellent ratings and evaluations which is why we continue to invite you back every year to speak on change, customer service, or communication skills. Thanks for being easy to work with and for consistently providing outstanding, practical content in an entertaining and interactive manner for our affiliate members.


“Rudolph” Secrets for Customer Loyalty and Exceptional Teamwork

(45-90 minutes)



Customer satisfaction is not worth much, customer loyalty is worth everything! Practice powerful techniques that will give your organization the edge in pleasing today’s demanding customers. In this highly entertaining and interactive program, Patti equips you with proven, practical “Rudolph” strategies for dealing with external and internal customers. Patti Hathaway, CSP, a dynamic trainer and author of five books on interpersonal communication and customer service skills will be the presenter. Based on Patti’s book, Banking Secrets for Customer Loyalty: Handling Customer Problems.

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“It was a pleasure to have you back to Westfield. Your presentation on improving service was both inspirational and educational. Everyone was particularly impressed with your preparation. We can highly recommend you as an excellent presenter who will bring value and motivation to a meeting. We received a lot of bang for the buck.”


Secrets to Unleashing Greatness in Your Employees

(45-90 minutes)



cover-EmployeesGreatnessWorkbookAre you a manager or a leader? Do you know the difference between the two roles? Learn from the humorous comparisons between developing employees and raising children and dogs. Are you still at the “dog-training phase” with your employees or have you let them off their leash? You will learn to recognize where you are as a leader and how you can encourage your employees to take on more responsibility and accountability in order to become great performers. Discover an interesting look at management and how the roles you choose impact your employees’ performance. Based on Patti’s books, Secrets to Unleashing Employee Greatness: A Step-by-Step System to Maximize Every Employee’s Performance and Feedback Skills for Leaders.

Your enthusiastic, animated, and audience-involved delivery was the best we have ever had. The message was ideally suited to our large and widely varied group. The wide range in age, experience, education, and responsibility in our audience was handled with such ease.


How to Give and Take Criticism

(60-90 minutes)

cover-feedback-skillsCriticism is one thing most people think is more blessed to give than to receive. In a recent survey, 48% of the 7,800 people who responded said they suffer from a lack of feedback on their performance and 69% who felt they weren’t receiving feedback are thinking of looking for another job. This practical program utilizes exercises to help participants explore how they give and receive criticism. Participants will learn how to improve their interpersonal effectiveness by using step-by-step techniques designed to make criticism work for them rather than against them. This program is based on Patti’s best-selling book, Feedback Skills for Leaders.

The response to Patti the first year was so overwhelming that we brought her back the second year. She is energetic and enthusiastic. Patti is an excellent communicator who quickly develops a rapport with her audience. I recommend her highly.


Managing Upward: Strategies for Succeeding with Your Boss

(45-90 minutes)

cover-Managing-UpwardAn excellent program if you wish to position yourself for upward professional mobility. This program introduces techniques for developing positive working relationships with those above you in the organization. It’s not easy to “manage your boss,” but the tips provided with help you create a partnership plan. Based on Patti’s book, Managing Upward: Strategies for Succeeding with Your Boss.

Patti guarantees your satisfaction or your money will be happily returned! She has built her business solely on repeat and referral business therefore she invests 100% of her time and energy to delivering outstanding, highly customized programs.

As a result, Patti’s valued clients, suppliers, and friends refer their family, friends and work associates to her for her services. Patti is interested in building strong life long partnerships one client at a time.

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