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Welcome to my Patient Experience Hub! I’m so excited that you are taking my Enrich Your Job and Boost HCAHPS Scores eLearning program with Avanoo. Here are the links by lesson number to each of the “Research & Team Resources” pdfs.

  1. Healthcare is not an individual sport
  2. Filling In and Between the Gaps in My Brain
  3. To Err is Human
  4. I Feel Your Pain
  5. Hand Wringing or Hand Washing
  6. I’ve Just Fallen Down and I Can’t Get Back Up
  7. A Clean Hospital is a Healthy Hospital
  8. I Really Don’t Want to Come Back Here
  9. After Care is Not an AfterthoughtPatient PASS Form
  10. Please Acknowledge Me
  11. Asking Questions Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Have the Answers
  12. The Power of Your Words
  13. What are These Meds For
  14. The Best Teams Have Great Handoffs
  15. Are You Listening to Me
  16. Dare I Disobey
  17. Round and Round We Go
  18. The Art of Giving Bad News
  19. Thermostat or Thermometer
  20. I Am More Than an I-Patient
  21. Shhh I Can’t Get Any Rest Here
  22. I Have a Problem!
  23. Treating Patients the Way They Want to be Treated
  24. Sitting Down on the Job
  25. A Sacred Moment
  26. Sorry is the Hardest Word to Say
  27. Avoidable Suffering
  28. Authentic Touch Connects Body to Heart
  29. Overcoming Compassion Fatigue
  30. Closing It’s Up to You and Me

I hope you find the Team Huddle Question thought-provoking and helpful in building the effectiveness of your team to provide exceptional patient experiences that boost your HCAHPS Scores.

Enjoy reading through the evidence-based medical research and other research that provided the basis for the tips and strategies I recommended. It provides a solid foundation on which to base your behavior and actions.

I welcome you to contact me with any questions that you have. Feel free to share your own stories on my Community page. I look forward to hearing how my eLearning is enriching your job, improving your teamwork, and improving your HCAHPS scores.

Patti Hathaway, M.Ed., CSP




Other Reading Resources Patti Recommends:

Research Reading Recommendations


I read 8-10 healthcare books when researching the problems and best practices for HCAHPS before developing my Enrich Your Job and Boost HCAHPS Scores eLearning program. Below are some of my favorite books. They stood out because of their stories and examples as well as the practical, useable information they presented:


Atul-Gawande-Better-book    Atul-Checklist-book

Atul Gawande, MD, MPH has several excellent books: Better: A Surgeon’s Notes on Performance (2007); The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right (2011).


James Merlino, MD. Service Fanatics: How to Build Superior Patient Experience the Cleveland Clinic Way. New York: McGraw Hill Education, 2014.


Peter Provonost, MD, PhD and Eric Vohr. Safe Patients, Smart Hospitals: How One Doctor’s Checklist Can Help Us Change Health Care from the Inside Out. New York: Hudson Street Press, 2011.

While I follow several healthcare blogs, my favorite one is: which has really thought-provoking articles written by physicians.

I’d love to hear about some of your favorite healthcare books or blogs and what your take-away was – please post your finds on the Community page.




Patient Experience Hub: Team Resources | eLearning | Links | Community

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