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Leadership Training

All of Patti’s programs are customized for your specific needs. She utilizes web surveys, employee opinion survey data, focus groups, and other data that will help her deliver a program that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Secrets to Unleashing Greatness in Your Employees: A Step-by-Step System for Maximizing Every Employee’s Performance


cover-EmployeesGreatnessWorkbookBased on Patti’s books, Secrets to Unleashing Employee Greatness: The Step-by-Step System to Maximize Every Employee’s Greatness and Feedback Skills for Leaders, you will learn whether you are a manager or a leader. Do you know the difference between the two? Do you know how to unleash greatness in your employees? It largely depends on whether you are a manager or a leader. A person’s relationship with his/her direct supervisor will determine (1) how long they will stay, and (2) how productive they will be while there. Therefore, leadership skills are absolutely critical to any organization’s success.

Discover why investing and spending time with your best employees is the fairest thing to do. When it comes to leading your staff, would you say that you are still at the “dog-training phase” with your employees or are you a “mentor” to them? You will learn to recognize the phases a manager goes through in order to become a leader. Learn how you can encourage your employees to take on more responsibility and accountability so that you can have more time to lead rather than manage. Practice the crucial skills of giving praise and constructive criticism to others. Discover why the “sandwich approach” to giving criticism will usually backfire on you. Your success as a leader will depend largely on how well — or how poorly — you handle relationships with your direct reports.

Program Outcomes: At the end of this program, you will be able:

  • Discover the differences between managing and leading
  • To understand the critical importance of listening to others in order to emotionally engage your employees
  • To explain the generational differences in managing
  • To implement a non-verbal communication strategy to establish a conducive climate for interactions with others
  • Practice the crucial skills of giving positive and negative feedback

The Customization Process to Deliver Leadership Programs that Impact the Bottom-Line:

This is how Patti works with clients to custom-design a program to meet your specific needs and incorporate your employee feedback:

The Steps Patti Takes to Customize Your Leadership Program
Step 1) Prior to her program, a web survey link is sent to all management participants and their employees via your contact person. With their permission, the anonymous employee comments are used throughout our program to illustrate the differences between managers and leaders.
Step 2) Patti always learns as much as possible about your organization via your literature (annual report, internal newsletters, website, etc.) before designing a program. She will incorporate the use of your terminology and human resources tools (performance appraisal terminology, etc.) into her program.
The End Result: A program custom-designed to meet your specific needs and concerns.
Additional Leadership Projects: We can provide leadership coaching and advising services. Facilitation services are available for your executive/leadership retreats upon your request.

FREE Bonus:

Patti offers a free bi-weekly Managers Motivational Midweek Moment series for six months (12 emails total) that she wrote to reinforce and encourage managers to apply what they learned in her workshop.

Leading a Loyalty-Creating Customer Service Culture

Passion for exceptional customer service begins with the leadership team. You may recognize your own reaction to complaints and criticism as you listen to this 5.50 minute audio excerpt entitled “Typical Reactions to Complaints and Criticism”.


Gain skills in handling customer complaints. Discover why you get yourself in trouble if you “assume” your customer has certain knowledge (hear as Patti explains “The Problem with Information Assumption” in this 5.46 minute audio excerpt).


Gain enlightening strategies which will increase employee satisfaction and retention which can result in improving your customer loyalty. Profit from new synergy and enthusiasm by practicing techniques which will help your leadership team develop a high performance customer-service culture. (Offered as a keynote or training)



Training Services: Change Management | Customer Loyalty | Leadership | Communication Skills

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