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The Change Agent
The Change Agent

Discover How We Solve People Challenges 

Solving People Challenges

Companies call on us to solve their people challenges through highly customized solutions. If you have customer retention concerns, leadership challenges, or employee resistance to change, our company delivers solutions for lasting results. Patti Hathaway, CEO of The CHANGE AGENT and Preventing School Failure, has built her reputation since 1987 as a business advisor and author. Her clients maintain long-term partnerships with her because she gets them “bottom-line” results.

Solving Change Challenges

Employees who experience constant change on the job get sick and miss work. This costs a large company nearly $4 million per year in employee absenteeism. Three out of four corporate mergers fail to recover costs. According to Fortune 500 executives fewer than half of their change initiatives were successful. The reason for failure? Employee resistance. We work with organizations who are going through mergers and acquisitions, business process reengineering projects, new technology implementation, growth, new people in leadership positions, and reorganizations to list a few.

Solving Customer Loyalty Challenges

Gallup recently surveyed retail banking customers and found that only 26% of bank customers who had not recently had a problem considered themselves extremely satisfied with their bank versus 51% who had experienced a problem but were extremely satisfied with the way it was handled. For most organizations, your bottom-line is impacted by how well your employees handle customer problems and whether or not they keep your current customers loyal to your bank.

Solving Customer Leadership Challenges

Gallup surveyed one million employees and 80,000 managers and found that an employee's relationship with his/her direct supervisor will determine (1) how long they will stay, and (2) how productive they will be while there. Becoming less of a manager and more of a leader can be an extremely powerful and profitable change – both in terms of meeting your organization’s goals and in the greater personal satisfaction both you and your employees will enjoy.

Solving School Failure

According to Gallup research, 69% of K-12 teachers are not engaged in their work. One of the most serious and pervasive problems is the dramatic change in student behavior. More than 3 in 4 teachers (77%) acknowledge that “if it weren’t for discipline problems, I could be teaching a lot more effectively.” If you are looking for ways to prevent, respond, or recover from school failure, Patti will help you discover research-based, proven, practical strategies and tools that will increase teacher morale, give them more time to teach so that test scores can increase which will in turn greatly improve their job satisfaction and improve their engagement level.

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“Our group was WILD about you!! When it comes to designing in-service training for our members, they are a tough group to please because they have seen and done it all. But, you wowed them.”   — Executive Director, Ohio Association of Adult Services