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Secrets to Unleashing Employee Greatness: The Step-by-Step System to Maximize Every Employee’s Performance




There are two different versions of this book + a CD Learning Program that goes along with both versions: Banking Secrets for Customer Loyalty: Unleashing Employee Greatness is for my banking colleagues. The generic version for all others is: Secrets to Unleashing Employee Greatness: The Step-by-Step System to Maximize Every Employee’s Performance.

Do you know how to unleash greatness in your employees? It largely depends on whether you are a manager or a leader. Do you understand the difference between the two? Gallup surveyed one million employees and 80,000 managers and found that an employee’s relationship with his/her direct supervisor will determine: (1) how long they will stay, and (2) how productive they will be while there. Becoming less of a manager and more of a leader can be an extremely powerful and profitable change – both in terms of meeting your organization’s goals and in the greater personal satisfaction both you and your employees will enjoy. This book will enlighten, motivate and inspire you to take on the challenge of unleashing every employee’s greatness!

  • Learn and recognize the phases each manager goes through in order to become a leader.
  • Understand how to encourage your employees to take on more responsibility and accountability so that you can have more time to lead rather than manage.
  • Discover why investing and spending time with your best employees is the fairest thing to do.
  • Apply the crucial skills of giving praise and constructive feedback to your employees.

Here’s What People are Saying:

“Dynamite book that provides practical methods and techniques for developing employees. Patti Hathaway gives managers practical strategies to maximize their employees’ performance. If used, it will improve your company’s bottom-line by keeping your employees (and therefore customers) loyal to your organization.”


“This is a must-read book for companies that are serious about improving employee performance. Patti Hathaway provides a real-world approach to improving employee productivity that provides companies with a road map for success.”


“Patti Hathaway has a gift for synthesizing practical insights from the real world of the marketplace. In the classroom and in her books she provides ideas that leaders can use.”


“A masterful job of researching and presenting leadership strategies that will reap bottom-line results in the organizations that implement them. Managers will benefit professionally and personally from reading your book.”

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Unleashing Employee Greatness, Book + CD

Unleashing Employee Greatness Banking Version, Book + CD


Products: Change Management | Customer Loyalty | Leadership | Communication Skills

My company recently merged with another large financial institution...As I reviewed the many programs on managing change, I found that most took a “change is good” and “get on board or get out” approach. With an eye toward a tight workforce and wanting to minimize turnover and maximize the strengths of the existing employee base, I knew that this approach would not work with our organization. Patti Hathaway is refreshingly direct and supportive of the human side of the merger and challenged people to handle the change because of the benefit it would bring to them. She tailored the program to our company and was both direct and insightful with her presentation. Patti is an excellent speaker and clearly enjoys working with a challenging audience.

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