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Your Attitude is Showing!

jpAh summer in Ohio! I enjoy being outside in the warmth and sunshine so I’ve decided to plant tomatoes again this year after seeing Bryan chow on my sister’s homemade salsa. How else will I use that salsa maker gizmo I bought at the Ohio State Fair years ago? I also have an amazing recipe for Greek Salad dressing that both boys rave about (email me if you want the recipe). How I love all the fresh vegetables and fruits this time of year.

Here’s a bonus gardening tip for this summer. After weeding some flowerbeds without gloves last week, I got poison ivy. Best solution I found is Fels Naptha bar soap found in the laundry detergent section of some stores. Immediate relief for about a dollar. I’m hoping you don’t have to use this tip!

cover-107-Customer-Loyalty-TipsWith both boys home for the summer (they are working part-time), I thought some tips on attitude would be helpful for all of us. These will not only help you at work but also at home. I hope you find these tips from my 107 Tips for Developing Customer Loyalty booklet helpful:

Look for the opportunity to be a problem-solver with your next customer. Consider those customer challenges to be an opportunity to show your value to the customer and your company.
Try to make your customer feel better for having been with you. Look for the humor in each situation. Challenge yourself to get each of your customers to smile at least once during your interaction with them.
Be a “gimper” for your customers. A gimper is someone who puts on extra special touches on the furniture they are making. Do a little something extra for your customer when they don’t expect it.
We’re excited to start the college lacrosse scholarship process for Drew as I researched the teams and colleges and put together his Athlete Fact Sheet. He and Jim have put together his Highlight DVD which we are sending to his top college choices this week. Drew earned 3 major awards this season and broke two high school records as a sophomore. He’s excited to be going to a recruiting camp next weekend in Baltimore.

A Resource for Anyone in a Relationship

Amazon-Lundberg A counselor friend of mine recommended a book to me that I have found to be the best self-help book that I have read in years (and I read a lot of books!): I Don’t Have to Make Everything All Better. The authors explain a powerful technique for improving one-on-one communication that involves careful, empathetic listening to another person’s feelings without judging, criticizing or attempting to solve his or her problems. The authors demonstrate this technique’s startling effectiveness in a variety of situations and provide readers with valuable coaching and specific responses. I found it immensely helpful as a parent and wife. This is a book I will continue to refer back to time and time again. Check it out at your library or buy a copy at

Enjoy your summer – I hope you take the time to relax, spend time with your family and friends, and read a book or two!


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