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Tool for Deepening Customer Loyalty

Our boys played lacrosse all four years in high school as a club sport. That basically means that a team of parents did what the athletic director would do for a school-sponsored sport – they hired and fired coaches, scheduled games and transportation, etc. While my husband Jim served on the board for 3 years, my biggest contribution (other than selling more mulch than any other family for our annual fundraiser) was to put together a web survey to evaluate the coaches and club each year.

survey-rest-areaOne of this month’s tips talks about using surveys for customer feedback. Over the years, I’ve learned some things about doing surveys both personally (lacrosse team) as well as professionally to assess the needs of my clients:

Timing is important. If the survey is too far after the event, people don’t want to fill them out. Likewise if you put the survey deadline too far out, it will get lost in the busyness of life and people won’t complete it.
The people who feel negative about their experience are far more likely to complete a survey than those who are satisfied.
The open ended questions tend to provide far better information than those questions that simply ask for a rating. However, the rating questions can be used to compare progress from survey to survey.
People need to see how you use the survey results. Refer back to the results when you discuss policy, procedure, pricing, and/or people changes so that they see that their feedback was used.

My favorite web survey tool is SurveyMonkey – it allows you to develop a survey using your logo and colors (with a professional membership). For personal uses, you can use their free basic membership. And, most importantly it’s easy to use.

Today’s tips are from my 107 Tips for Creating Customer Loyalty booklet:

  • Use a Customer Satisfaction Survey for customer feedback. Let employees know what happens to customer comments. Suggest specific action plan ideas to individuals and/or departments on how to improve their customer service ratings. If using a Customer Satisfaction Survey, provide bonuses based on improvement or number of excellents received.
  • Provide an on-going customer service column in your employee newsletter. Keep customer service in the front of your employees’ minds.
  • Increase compensation for all employees who provide good customer service.

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