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Human Trafficking


Our vision is to eradicate human trafficking by educating people on how to engage human trafficking victims in their work by empowering them with tools and action steps to free victims.

Welcome to our Human Trafficking (HT) eLearning webpage! We’re so excited that you are interested in our first HT eLearning program: Human Trafficking Awareness for Healthcare: W.A.R. on Slavery eLearning program. Here’s a link to our Program Preview with Avanoo and our trifold Human Trafficking Learning Aid that is provided to assist staff in remembering the key points and action strategies.

Healthcare professionals are on the frontlines when it comes to identifying and caring for victims of human trafficking. As a result, they need to be educated on how to recognize red flags of abuse so they can intercede on behalf of the patient. This program will play a critical role in preparing our country’s medical community to help victims break out of this abuse cycle.

You will find several resources on this webpage:

  • eLearning: More detailed information on our eLearning program including a program description, learning objectives, and introduction to the co-authors.
  • Resources: Links to our HT Learning Aid, a tri-fold printable brochure that provides written W.A.R. tools and actions steps that reinforce what you learn in our eLearning program. Links are also provided to other HT tools that you may find helpful as well as recommended reading.
  • If your hospital or healthcare system wants to earn CME or CE accreditation for this eLearning program, please contact Patti for a word document that contains all the documentation (except for your hospital-specific needs data) needed for a CME accreditation application for this program as well as Patti’s other 2 eLearning Programs Enrich Your Job and Boost HCAHPS Scores  and Living Powerfully During Nonstop Change  eLearning programs.

Please contact Patti if you have any questions or need more information about the eLearning programs and resources we have provided or for future eLearning programs we may develop.


For speaking engagement information with HT Survivor & Co-Author of this eLearning, please contact Ruth Rondon directly at .

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Human Trafficking: Introduction | eLearning | Resources

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