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Taming the Giant: Smart Steps to Getting Noticed by Your Boss,” Canadian Business, November 24 – December 2003.


Finding Balance,” Personal Excellence, July 2001.

Receiving and Giving Criticism”, Personal Excellence, May 1996.


Making Time: How Tracking the Hours Yields Hidden Benefits,” Success, April 1990.

Avoiding Gender Fender Benders,” The Customer Service Manager.

Communication Skills Articles written by Patti
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The Taming of the Critic – When it comes to criticism, most people think it’s more blessed to give criticism than to take it. Learn some effective ways you can handle those tough to handle critical situations.

The Critic’s Corner Shouldn’t be Lonely – Many managers do not feel comfortable giving criticism to their people and as a result do so infrequently. Research on motivation concludes that feedback in one of the biggest motivators for change. Learn how to give your employees constructive criticism.

Ten Tips for Taking Criticism – Based on Patti’s best-selling book, Feedback Skills for Leaders, learn ten tips for dealing with criticism.

Ten Tips to Improve the Effectiveness of Your Meetings – This article offers 3 meeting guidelines and ten tips to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your meetings.

Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World – How can we become maintain balance when there is less time to do all the things that are demanded of us? Discover ideas that can help you to balance your work and family responsibilities.

Avoiding the Gender Fender Benders – Gain enlightening, career-building knowledge and the skills that will give you the winning edge when dealing with the opposite gender.

10 Tips for Balancing Your Career – Learn some quick strategies for managing your career with your home.

Managing Upward: Creating Working Partnerships – Learn to manage yourself in ways to better manage those above you.

(Presentation Skills) Win Your Audience Over From the Start – Learn the secret for how to develop a dynamite opening to your next presentation and win your audience over from the start.

18 Tips on How to Utilize Professional Speakers for Better Results – If you hire professional speakers, read this article and learn how you can get more for your money and maximize the use of the speakers you hire.

8 Tips for How to Be Happy On Your Job – Discover 8 tips that you have 100% control over on your job.

Holiday Stress Survival Tips – Want less stress during your holidays? Learn some practical things Patti does to lessen her family’s holiday stress.

Networking Magic – Making Small Talk Count – Networking is still a great way to meet potential new customers or connect with people personally. First impressions count and you need to prepare for those events so that you are more comfortable and will leave the impression you desire.

Change Management | Customer Loyalty | Leadership Articles | Communication Skills


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